Smart Catalog

Smart catalog

Smart catalog, presents all the dishes, desserts, drinks and everything that your Restaurant offers, in one Application, in all the Languages you can think of!

The customer receives a tablet from the waiter with the Smart catalog App preinstalled, chooses the desired language, and then makes his or her selection browsing through the Smart catalog, watching pictures and reading the description of each dish (e.g. ingredients, preparation procedures, even their nutrient value and possible allergens!) The customer informs the waiter about his/her choice, and the order takes its way to the kitchen! As simple as that!


An app per day keeps the problem away!


Smart Delivery  is an easy-to-use, multilingual application that can be installed on every Smartphone or Tablet. Smart Delivery is ideal for every food & beverage business that makes delivery at home a piece of cake. With Smart Delivery, your customers can make their order by using their Smartphone or Tablet, Quick ‘n’ Easy. Stand out from the competition, and provide your customers a free and unique delivery service.


Smart Restaurant is the future of Restaurant Catalogs and order taking. It is a multilingual and easy-to-use application that replaces the old conventional restaurant catalog, while it also works as a POS system. Smart Restaurant is also ideal for cafés, bars, and every food and beverage serving business.


Smart Room Service is an easy-to-use, multilingual application that can be downloaded and installed on every Smartphone or Tablet.
Smart Room Service, allows Hotel Residents to use Room Service through their Smartphone or Tablet, fast & easy. Whether it is a 7 star Hotel, or a Tourist Hotel, Smart Mobile Room Service is the ideal solution.
Replace old conventional room service catalogs, and give added value to your guest’s experience.

Smart Delivery

Stand out in the arena of the market with a smart weapon

Be the winners of the competitive market having retail & wholesale customers as well as your couriers, under your complete control!


Everything we can provide!


Working with professional photographers, the art director will create photos of products that will fully accomplish your business goals, whether they concern leaflets, newsletters, digital applications, or a website.


From verbal brand identity and initial launch planning, to digital marketing, PR, app store/google play optimization, direct marketing and more, mobile application marketing can help you distinct. CONTACT


Defining your Strategy is the easiest way to understand your goals and your company. A good Strategy is like having a box full of best answers to respond in any occasion. Smartup and the people behind, can help you to find out that answers and support you to …keep it simple!

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