How to keep your application users active

How to keep your application users active

n previous articles, we analyzed the advantages of having your own application. But would you like to keep a clientele database? Wouldn’t be great if the user had automatic updates about your new products or new services? Wouldn’t you prefer a direct and free way to reach new customers?

Here are a few useful tips to get started!

1) Keep a database of users’ e-mail who have registered and use your application to build clientele.

2) With push notifications, the user is urged to use the application, to be informed about new articles, products or features

3) Frequent renewal of content is essential. Firstly to activate the push notifications so the user enters the application and also to browse through the application for more time.

4) Create a contest encouraging users to communicate the content of your choice using a #(hashtag) to become popular and reach more people through social media. You can also prompt users to publish their own content (for example a photograph) with the relevant contest hashtag in order to enter contest creating an enjoyable and creative process for your customers.



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