360 The new revolution in Video

Why 360?

360 Video provides you with the tools to create a new, immersive experience for your customers. 360 transforms the video to a fully immersive experience by allowing the viewer to be in control of what he/she sees.

How to benefit from the 360o Video technology

What can I do with it?

Whether you want to cover video concerts, extreme sports, short-length movies, tourist attractions or create a virtual tour of business space, 360o video helps you market your business in new innovative ways, by letting your customer experience your products and services.

The gear

The basic component is the camera rig, upon which multiple cameras are mounted. The cameras are positioned on the rig in such a way, so that they can capture all 360 degrees of the view around them. Each camera is connected to a special trigger. When the trigger is activated, all cameras start recording simultaneously so that the produced footage is fully synchronized.

The software

The software is the means to making the magic happen. The footage from all the cameras is imported. The software stitches all the video footage into one large sphere by using advanced algorithms.

The result

The produced footage can be played back on multiple devices. Those devices are:

1. Web Browsers. Where the user can interact with the video by using his/her mouse.

2. Mobile phones. Where the user can navigate through the video by moving his smartphone.

3. VR Headsets. Where the user fully emerges in the video by wearing the Virtual Reality Headset and controlling what he sees with the movement of his/her head and body.

We got you covered 360 degrees!

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