Doing every possible move to save the environment says a lot about the vision of a company. Despite of the significant steps taken by many organizations to bring changes in their previous practices, the use of paper is still high. This is where Smartup helps you put an end to using paper for your everyday needs. Smart Catalog is an impressive, smart and easy-to-use application installed on a Tablet which presents all the dishes, desserts, drinks and everything that your Restaurant offers. It comes with all the advantages that digital media has over physical media. Smart Catalog is an eco-friendly solution that help you in saving the environment while you move towards the path of digitization. Here are 3 basic points that will help you to understand the eco-friendly nature of Smart Catalog in detail.

1. Reduces Energy Costs: Not printing your catalogs results in reduced energy costs. Eliminating the need to use paper not only saves the forest ecosystem but also conserves the consumption of water as well as energy.

2. Prevents Deforestation: Millions of trees are cut down to make paper which ultimately affects the forest ecosystem. The digital nature of Smart Catalog enables the business to update the products and other information such as price instantly without the use of any paper or ink. This promotes afforestation as well as saves people from the wrath of environmental disasters.

3. Prevents Paper Pollution: Paper not only accounts for deforestation but also affects the environment in the form of paper pollution. Paper manufacturing mills are the third biggest polluter in the industrial world. Smart Catalog does not require paper that means it curtails the necessity for manufacturing paper. Minimal use of paper reduces the high level of water and soil contamination as well as waste generated while producing a paper that has a positive effect on our environment.

Applications have not only brought a change in the economy but have also positively impacted the environment. Going digital means you choose to conserve nature as it bears huge environmental benefits.

If you want a Smart Catalog that benefits your business as well as improves the environment, then contact Smartup!

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