About This Project

The company

The Padrino is a benchmark in the tasty map of Thessaloniki.It opened its doors in an area with the best view of the White Tower, to give a new and unique experience of tastes and drinks to the Thessaloniki citizens and to the city’s visitors. In a fresh, industrial environment, customers have the chance to taste breakfast, brunch, snacks, menu with pasta, pizza and desserts as well as a list of unique cocktails.

The Challenge

Modern catalogs with full list of ingredients as well as allergens. According to EFET organisation, substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances should be listed. Padrino’s nodal tourist spot imposes a multilingual menu. The COVID-19 pandemic imposed new sanitary standards with menu in an app.

The solution

The SmartUp team has created the Smart Catalog for the business by providing a user-friendly environment. It has detailed descriptions and amazing photos for each dish and drink of the restaurant making the order of our customers’ meal a special experience!

The result

Padrino has now been fully released from the catalogs and only uses the Smart Catalog with 20 tablets, providing safety against the COVID-19 to each client-tourist with the experience of a multilingual digital menu, high-quality photo material and a detailed description of each dish.

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