Smart Hotel Executive

Smart Hotel Executive is an easy-to-use, multilingual series of applications that can be installed on every tablet type. Smart Hotel Executive opens a new window on the way you provide information, interact and administer your unique Services to your customers.

The application is installed on every tablet that is safely placed in the rooms of your Hotel. With Smart Hotel Executive, you can inform your guests about your Services via the direct Marketing channel the application creates. In an innovative and interactive way, Smart Hotel Executive renders accessible to all your clients your Hotel’s Services and Activities such as “Gym”, “Beauty Services”, “Escapes”, and anything else you provide. It modernizes the procedures you follow and changes the whole experience of staying at your Hotel.

All these bundled in a single application!


Smart Executive: A dynamic Marketing and Powerful Management Tool for your Hotel


Offer your clients the chance to explore the area and find points of interest.


Inform your clients about your Hotel's Special Events or other events nearby.


Change the whole Room Service experience by offering the possibility of ordering by a simple touch.


Be innovative by giving your clients the option to pre-order breakfast, to choose themselves when their room should be cleaned and promote your Services.


Promote special offers on your Hotel, inform your clients about Sauna, Spa, Restaurant services and anything else you think of as necessary.


Allow your customers to stay informed about local news, weather or anything you'd like.


Receive your clients' opinions and become better.


Connect with social network media and allow your customers to advertise you.


Inform your clients about the Hotel in an interactive way (video, images etc).


All the products, services and everything that your Hotel offers, are uploaded in digital format (Text & Pictures), on the Administrator Environment installed on an ordinary PC with Internet access. The administrator has full access to the Administrator Environment, having the ability to change any part of the Smart Mobile Room Service (Prices, description, pictures) he or she wants, following an easy step-by-step procedure.

Some of the benefits:

  • Promote the Hotel service
  • Promote the Hotel services (e.g. sauna, gym, spa, Hotel Restaurant)
  • Promote Hotel Activities (e.g. sightseeing, excursions)
  • Promote Special offers (e.g. Room deals)
  • Apply Gamification tools & techniques for your customers in order to increase revenue and reinforce customer loyalty
  • Let your customers promote your business through Social Media Provide a free Internet Station to your Customers
  • Keep the revenue within your property and simultaneously add to the guests’ experience and satisfaction s (e.g. sauna, gym, spa, Hotel Restaurant)