Constant Updating– Unlike printed menus, you can easily update digital menus anytime in a matter of minutes. If the restaurant has many different selections throughout the day or the week, you can easily schedule them for the relevant services at anytime. If you introduce new meals of new drinks in your restaurant you will not have to print new menus. With digital side-table menus, you can add any new meals or drinks you have.

Convenience– Paper menus and posters need to be put up and brought down but with digital menus, you and your customers will have control over the content and this will save you time. Customers don’t need to wait for the patrons to bring them the menus and they don’t have to wait for them a second round for the order. They can order and pay from their seats.

Saving the planet– Going digital means doing away with the paper menus and posters. In addition to that, you will save on a lot of costs from printing, delivery and even disposal.

Promotions– With digital side-table menus, you can easily showcase your promotions and offers to your customers while they wait. This means that they will be entertained while they wait and it might entice them to come back again.

Ease of making payments– Customers would love to have the convenience of making payments on their menus, which is now possible with the digital menus. The digital side-table menus can process credit cards payments and the customers don’t have to wait for check once they are done.

Protection from germs and bacteria– With digital menus, you can use antimicrobial screen protectors that prevent bacterial growth from touch screens or simply clean the screens before each table use. The paper menus can not be cleaned and are contaminated as they absorb the germs likely to have each customer.

It’s up to you to stick to the past or join the experience of a digital menu with SMART CATALOG application

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