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Be a Hero

A COVID-19 Mobile APP

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed new everyday conditions and health measures. The quarantine period kept a lot of people in their homes while at the same time doctors, nurses, police officers and supermarket employees had to be at work, putting their health at risk.

The Smartup Gamified Solution

SmartUp team came up with the idea of the BeAHero APP. The concept behind the idea was a mobile app that aknowledges all everyday life heroes and tries to tell them "Thank you", through daily draws with gifts.

The Result

Be A Hero managed to keep the world’s interest active during the 2020 spring lockdown period, both for stay-homers and for the critical workers, rewaridng all the daily heroes with gifts offered by big companies and contributing to safety measures against COVID-19.

Be A Hero - Home Screen

Be A Hero - Home Screen

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