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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Mobile App Design & Development by Smartup

Following a sustainable strategy to build your community of engaged customers.

Why do you need a mobile app?

It’s all about a strong community and returning customers!
The Smartup Excellence Team

There are several benefits behind a business app.
With a mobile app, you can:

1. Reach Prospects and Customers Directly

AKA the mighty notifications!

First and foremost, a business app feeds both sales and marketing teams with valuable user information from sessions and entry points. Then, having access to this information makes it possible for businesses to serve the exact type of content that leads to conversions.

The vehicle for conversions is push notifications. The potential is huge in 2 main areas:

  1. In-app CTR: Click-through rates have a much higher value within an application.
  2. User response time: Users can’t part from their phones. And they tend to respond with prompts and offers instantly.

2. Avoid Distractions

Businesses that have their own mobile app, drive their customers through an environment fully controlled and free from external distractions. Calls-to-action, messaging and sales pipelines are followed the way they are supposed to, since the app owner steers the action.

3. Strengthen Your Branding

Whenever companies give value to customers, they get back their interest in return.

Smartphones are undoubtably the highest used devices in our everyday lives. And the main difference from the browser are the limited channels. A browser can be used to jump from a website to another in no time, while a smartphone can have a limited number of applications installed, with their logos in direct view and a unique user experience inside!

App owners can exploit this high-attention channel to continuously build a strong brand name.

4. Increase Sales & Revenue

Acquiring new customers costs almost 5 times as much as retaining existing ones. Increasing customer retention by 5% can lead to an increase in profits between 25% and 95%. Finally, success rates vary from 60%-70% when selling to existing customers, to 5%-20% when selling to new ones.

That is why building a community is a must.

5. Increase Customer Engagement

Mobile applications can easily be used to understand customer behavior in depth and update the user experience in order to boost engagement with the app. Increases in how frequently customers engage with a business app, always drive lifetime customer value up!

That is why building an engaged community is a must.

Since mobile applications favor authenticated instead of anonymous use, segmented targeting of customers makes it easy to interact with them using personalized recommendations and in-app messaging and understand the expected customer journey better. Defining the optimal customer journey and building the user experience accordingly guarantees hooked customers and a higher customer engagement.

6. Improve Customer Loyalty

High customer retention rates are the Holy Grail for all successful business. And retention rates increase when customers are happy.

Loyalty programs take the concept of happy customers a step further. They give them back instant rewards, cashable points, and access to timely discounts, making them feel that the brand values and cares for them.

Mobile apps make loyalty programs much more effective since it is easier to promote rewards using notifications or a highly used app than expecting a customer to revisit your site or open a newsletter and click through to an personalized offer.

7. Stand Out from the Crowd

Mobile applications provide companies with a significant competitive edge. And that is because having your own highly used app implies two things:

  1. Following the breadcrumbs, a highly engaged app implies a loyal community, then a loyal community implies happy customers and happy customers imply high value behind a brand.
  2. Having a mobile app instead of just the conventional website designates a unique brand that uses technology to provide a better service.

That said...

Online traffic nowadays comes mainly from mobile phones. Businesses that have their own mobile application can leverage this trend to rapidly grow a loyal community and improve the whole range from marketing actions, upselling and cross-selling to effective branding.

Would you like us to guide you to a sustainable mobile app strategy?

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