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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Smart Catalog | Mobile Products by Smartup

Smart Catalog replaces the conventional menus & catalogs with an impressive, smart and easy-to-use application installed on an ordinary tablet.

One APP, Many Uses!

01 Smart Catalog F&B

Let the catalog take good care of your customer!


Smart Catalog comes to replace the traditional restaurant menus with an application that takes care of the customer's needs. From easy access to information about the dishes to a one-tap feature to call the waiter.

Here is how Smart Catalog works. The customer receives a tablet from the waiter with Smart Catalog preinstalled. The application presents all the dishes, desserts, drinks and everything your restaurant offers, in any prefered language. The customer browses through the menu, getting rich information about the dishes with pictures and a number of descriptive fields such as dish description, ingredients, preparation procedures, nutrient value, possible allergens etc. It is also possible for the customerto scan a QR Code and receive the full menu on his smartphone. Finally, the customer informs the waiter about his/her choice, and the order is sent to the kitchen. As simple as that!

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Snapshot of a meal at a restaurant
Smart Catalog's home screen
Smart Catalog's restaurant menu screen
Snapshot of a meal at a hotel room

02 Smart Catalog Room Service

Let the catalog spoil your guests!

Hospitality #COVID-19

Smart Catalog Room Service is an easy-to-use, multilingual application that can be downloaded and installed on any smartphone or tablet. It allows hotel guests to use room service fast & easy, at a tap distance! It replaces old conventional room service catalogs and provides value to the guest’s experience.

Room service process becomes as simple as it gets. Hotel guests download Smart Catalog Room Service app on their mobile phone or use the pre-installed app on a hotel's tablet. Guests can browse through the app to discover offered room services with all the necessary information (prices, descriptions, availability etc.) and make an inquiry! Orders are instantly communicated through the management environment, carrying information about the room name, the order and, any special instructions.

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Smart Catalog Room Service events screen
Smart Catalog Room Service order screen
Smart Catalog Room Service customize order screen
Smart Catalog Room Service inquiries screen

03 Smart Catalog Business

Let the catalog present any business!

Shops #COVID-19

Smart Catalog offers a new innovative way to present your company’s products and services. Give your customers the joy of browsing though your stuff using a tablet, in-store, during visit.

Smart Catalog app allows you to display custom catalogs, using a user-friendly interface that offers a number of quick and flexible options. You can create your customized catalogs for plenty of products. You can view, edit or delete the catalogs whenever you like. You can organize tax codes, stock inventory and costs of the products with an easy-to-use mini warehouse backend. Finally, Smart Catalog makes creating galleries and slideshows of products, a truly simple process.

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Snapshot of a meal at a restaurant
Smart Choices

10 Reasons to make your Catalog Smart


Use your logo, use menu pictures, select theme colors and make your Smart Catalog unique!


Smart Catalog gives you the opportunity to speak your customer’s language, since it can serve unlimited languages.


Develop as many menus as you like, such as winter and summer menu, wine list, vegetarian options, menu of the day, Christmas menu etc.


Let your customers scan a QR Code and receive the menu in their own smartphone, without having to touch shared menus.


Give your customers the opportunity to call the waiter at their table/sunbed or in their room, using their smartphone.


Inform your customers with everything about your dishes and / or offered products (ingredients, nutrient value, recipes, allergens, date of freeze etc.)


Change the price and/or currency of your menu in no time!


Let your customers discover your menu through a dynamic search environment (filter by ingredient, dish, tag and more...).


Promote special offers instantly!


Automatically recommend related products. Introduce combined experiences, relevant dishes, wines and, suggested order of flavors.


Group your products the way you like, with unlimited categories! You will never again have to cope with the narrow limits of the paper page.

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