Agora AI smart shopping app
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Agora AI smart shopping app

The Challenge:

The shopping list remains a fundamental element of consumer behavior. It is estimated that up to 80% of
shoppers use a list when visiting the supermarket, and decisions made during this phase are critical. The
necessity for a digital shopping list in a consumerist & inflationary society in the form of a mobile app
was now evident and intense.

Smartup: The solution and the tool

The Agora team approached and trusted Smartup due to its many years of experience in the field of
delivery mobile apps. The solution proposed for this project is the development of the Agora smart
shopping app.

At Agora we create the first Shopping List with Artificial Intelligence, which provides convenience to
consumers and a unique marketing field and tool for Supermarkets and Brands. Being with the consumer
at the moment of the purchase decision and being one click away from them choosing your product is
very important.
In addition to the app, Smartup has also manufactured the Agora device, a rechargeable hardware that
when someone touches it, activates, records and sends the speech entry in text to the Agora List. It is
ideally placed on the consumer's refrigerator and makes it automatically smart ! He connects it to his
mobile phone and the Agora AI app, so that he is online with the super markets!

Today with Agora, the advantages you enjoy as a consumer are:
• Prices and offers for shopping on YOUR LIST!
• Notifications when your favorite brochures are updated!
• Smart convenience features to save you time and money!
• In the world of Agora, comfort meets technology and your shopping becomes cheaper and easier
• With the Agora device you save up to 800 euros a year, keeping control of your purchases and taking
advantage of the best offers.

Download the Agora app that compares products, finds the best prices and saves you money, by clicking
on one of the links below.
Google Play
App Store


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