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Agora AI smart shopping app Read more

Agora AI smart shopping app

The shopping list remains a fundamental element of consumer behavior. It is estimated that up to 80% of
shoppers use a list when visiting the supermarket, and decisions made during this phase are critical. The
necessity for a digital shopping list in a consumerist & inflationary society in the form of a mobile app
was now evident and intense

KISS 929 app Read more

KISS 929 app

KISS, the well-known entertainment radio station that broadcasts in Athens from the 92.9 MHz FM frequency, and broadcasts 90s to today music, decided to develop its image with a mobile application, in order to get closer to its listeners and create a complete & competitive experience!

Whywasteme app Read more

Whywasteme app

During the high season, plastic pollution in the Mediterranean region increases by 40%. Roza Kardara and Alexandros Kontis joined forces to found Whywasteme with a common goal: to develop new digital solutions so that no packaging becomes waste on our islands and coasts.

Influ app Read more

Influ app

In the constantly changing world of Influencer Marketing, a key problem was the inability of businesses to find the right Influencers to promote their products or services, as well as the opposite - for Influencers to find brands that express them in order to collaborate.

ArtVolt for Collectors Read more

ArtVolt for Collectors

ArtVolt is a well-known web & mobile art & design app that saves and shares artwork & collections with one click! Helping you navigate the contemporary art world of exhibitions and galleries by creating your personal digital portfolio where you can archive artworks that you want to return to later in your own time. ArtVolt works by capturing images and content through QR codes.

AthletesWeR Read more


Thomas Deliopoulos, a well-known entrepreneur and triathlete world awarded in Ironman Triathlon, was inspired to create an application for athletes by his personal needs and searches. His experience and experiences in the sports field wanted to become the basis for an app that will facilitate the daily life of athletes.

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