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ArtVolt for Collectors

The Challenge

ArtVolt is a well-known web & mobile art & design app that saves and shares artwork & collections with one click! Helping you navigate the contemporary art world of exhibitions and galleries by creating your personal digital portfolio where you can archive artworks that you want to return to later in your own time. ArtVolt works by capturing images and content through QR codes. Instead of a quick snap photo, the ArtVolt app provides professional high definition photos of the artwork with artist information, social media & websites links. You can even contact the artist's gallery to learn more about the work. The team behind ArtVolt has created a new version of the web app of the original concept aimed exclusively at art collectors, with the obvious need to be accompanied by a responsive mobile app.

The Solution: Develop a mobile app for ArtVolt for Collectors

In 2023 ArtVolt  decided to outsource the ArtVolt for Collectors mobile app to the Smartup team considering their experience in mobile app development to make it reliable and user-friendly. ArtVolt for Collectors in a nutshell:

• allows its users to easily carry their art collection with them wherever they go.

• provides art collectors with a secure place to archive artwork images and all related details and documents

• allows collectors to group their works and organize them as they would like to see them

• Collectors can share their collections in PDF formats

Feel free to Download ArtVolt for Collectors:

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