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P for Pelion

The Problem - Challenge:

The company P for Pelion located in Volos, Greece, although only a few years old, has enchanted the whole world with its products. Its purpose is to introduce to the most countries of the world the natural cosmetic products with pure ingredients offered by the Nature of Pelion! Product quality is the reason for a steadily growing retail and wholesale customer base. The trends of the time imposed on the owner the need to digitize the orders both at the B2B and B2C sales. The most widely used digital tool was an eshop - an option with little flexibility when placing wholesale and retail orders at the same time. The need for a delivery app was now evident and strong as the customers grew at a rapid pace.

Smartup: The solution and the tool

The owner of P for Pelion approached and trusted Smartup because of the many years of experience in the field of delivery mobile apps. The solution proposed for its special needs is the platform
Smart Delivery Plus. Smart Delivery Plus is the most complete solution for easy, fast and secure wholesale and retail ordering and with a fully customized environment. In a lot
in a short time it was adapted to the aesthetic and practical needs of P for Pelion and put into the hands of its customers through their mobile phones in the form of a free application. The company
uses the application, satisfied with its profits and recognition, using the e-shop less and less.

Today with Smart Delivery Plus, the advantages that the business enjoys are:

• The order department has a common tool for both wholesale and retail orders, making them easier to manage
• Within the first two months of using the platform, 50% of P for Pelion customers use the platform for their orders
• Released in less than a week because it is ready and scalable
• No programming background or special technical skills are required to operate it.
• The company uses the platform not only for orders but also for promotional actions

Feel free to Download Influ:

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